Welcome to our story!

It is a social history project reflecting the journey of Irish Religious Sisters in Ireland and overseas between 1923-2023. Throughout the last 100 years, the focus of Sisters was to go where there was the most need.

Typically they joined in their teens in a very different Ireland when the Catholic Church held sway in family homes, when many a parent's greatest wish was for a child to go into religious life and when there were limited paths and few freedoms for women in Irish society. Embracing this uncertainty, Sisters built and staffed schools, hospitals and social services. Underpinned by Gospel values, they worked alongside committed colleagues from all walks of life in response to social change and urgent needs. In areas such as girls' education and maternity care, Sisters played the role of first responders, setting up services where there were none.

Their initiative and courage continue today as is evident in the pioneering responses and commitment of Sisters and their colleagues to “the Cry of Earth and the Cry of the Poor” (Pope Francis, Laudate Si:49), both in Ireland and overseas.

The 100-year journey is shared via 3 phases:

Pioneering Ministries

1923 - 1965

Era of Great Change

1966 - 2000

Ongoing Ministries

2001 - 2023


Enjoy this journey of discovery!